A seasoned attorney, diplomat, political writer, lecturer and international consultant, Saul Gefter was born and educated in the United States of America. He and his wife, Joan, also an American diplomat, currently reside in the "Imperial City" of Petrópolis, just outside of Rio de Janeiro. When not otherwise traveling around the world, they divide their time between Brazil and the US.

Saul holds advanced degrees from Georgetown and George Washington Universities and is a former Public Defender in the City of Washington, D.C.

As a career senior diplomat, respected for his problem-solving ability in difficult situations, Saul served in Russia, Cuba, Brazil, Austria, and Chile. During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, he was posted to Peshawar, Pakistan, training Afghan Mujihadeen in multi-media techniques to expose Soviet atrocities to the world. For his contributions to easing the plight of the Afghan people, Saul was made an Honorary Freedom Fighter. His expertise in international affairs culminated in his translating Henry Kissinger's book, "Diplomacy", into the Portuguese language. Saul has written a plethora of published articles on international politics and the world economy, including an important piece for the Brazilian Association of Journalists on the question of the right to privacy of public figures.

Throughout his diplomatic career, Saul received numerous honors, awards, and other accolades from the United States Government. In 1988, Saul was given the title of Honorary Citizen of the State of Rio de Janeiro in recognition of his community service during his tenure at the US Consulate General. In 2002 The City Council of Petrópolis bestowed upon him the title "Honorary Citizen" for his social work in the community.

Saul's commitment to public service has been a constant in his life. He is an active member of several fraternal and service organizations, advises the Municipal Association of Presidents for Underprivileged Communities, and is a member of the National Institute for the Protection of the Environment and the "Mata Atlantica" (Atlantic Forest). More recently, Saul started a project for Lions Club to assist a local public hospital to upgrade its pediatric department and pediatric intensive care unit, as well as to establish an assistance program for cataract surgery patients.

Among their many interests, Saul and Joan particularly enjoy gardening, music, water sports and the culinary arts. They have three children and four grandchildren living in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Seattle, USA.

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